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"This is a great program for parents of Pre-school children."

Martha Sears, RN, mother of eight children, childbirth educator, La Leche League Leader, and co-author of over 20 parenting books


"I came to PACT for my son's academic benefit, now I come for both of us."

Jennifer (participant)​​


"I love PACT. If I have a parenting struggle then my group gives me feedback and helpful suggestions. These people understand my life as a mom of preschoolers."

Maria (participant)


"PACT is unique - there is no other program where there is a playgroup for children and a facilitated parent group to trade tips and share a laugh!" 

Leila (participant)


"My daughter and her best friend met at PACT when they were two years old.  They are now 20 and still best friends while attending university."

Gail (former participant) 

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