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Frequently Asked Questions

What age are the kids at PACT ?

​We welcome all children from newborn to five years old and their parents or caregivers. PACT is more than a preschool as our philosophy lies in family-centred practice. PACT participants are moms, dads, grandparents and other caregivers. We are a community where you can build life-long friends.

How much is PACT's registration fee?

The registration fee is $290.00 per family - not per child.  Fee includes a textbook as well. This is for one block (10-12 sessions). Subsidy available.

Fees can be paid all at once at $290.00, or monthly at $100.00 per month (due on the first of each month).

Will I be in the play room every week?
No! While half the parents meet in the discussion groups, the children are involved in a child-directed play program supervised by a qualified children’s play coordinator and other parents. The two parent groups alternate weeks, spending one with the children and one with the adults in the discussion group.


What happens if my child becomes upset while I'm in the discussion room?

The play coordinator is fully qualified in these situations and will bring your child to you at any point she

feels necessary and you are encouraged to comfort your child. We have seen so many successes with

children and parents working through separation anxiety at PACT.  

Is snack provided?

Parents are encouraged to bring along snack for their child(ren). Coffee and tea is always provided.

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