Parents And Children Together (PACT) has been in Calgary since the 1970's, originally known to many of us and our families as Observation Nurseries. It is a non-profit preschool/playgroup for you and all your children ages 0 - 5. Parents participate in two program components, a parent education/discussion group and in the children’s program. Our parent educators are some of the best in Calgary, and they offer information, support, and encouragement to parents on a variety of topics such as  Ages and Stages of Development and Growth, Observation Skills and Play, Parenting Styles, Effective, Respectful Discipline, Fostering Self-Esteem and Family Communication.

While half the parents meet in the discussion groups, the children are involved in a child-directed play program supervised by a qualified children’s play coordinator and other parents. The sociodramatic play encourages brain growth in toddlers and preschoolers through child-directed make-believe (roles, objects, and events) which helps to develop language skills, allows for expression of feelings, and provides opportunities for social interaction. The two parent groups alternate weeks, spending one with the children and one with the adults in the discussion group. At the end of the morning, all parents and children come together and participate in a lead song/story time.

PACT supports the 'true toy' revival - at each location toys include such items as play-dough, painting, floor toys, dress-up clothes, books, puzzles, building blocks, toy kitchens and house centres, and other toys that require some imagination and make-believe to use. The play-time also gives parents an opportunity to observe their children at play and a  wonderful chance to share song and story time together each morning.


We ask each family to volunteer once per session by bringing a healthy snack & making a batch of playdough (recipe provided). Coffee and tea is always fresh and available at each location.

We are pleased to say that we have won the Calgary's Child Magazine Best Playgroup and Best Parent Support Group for 16 years running.

Come along, have a coffee, socialise and share with the other parents and most importantly, enjoy some quality time with your little ones!


This video explains how PACT works:










About Us and How PACT Works